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Monthly Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter is available in a .pdf format. Those Members who do not have access to a computer may receive their newsletter via U.S. Mail.

The newsletter keeps Members updated on current news, as well as upcoming special events and shows. Artist's work that has won award in the current show is featured, including the work that received the "Peoples Choice Award".

Our Members have an opportunity to let other Members know about special art related events in their lives by sending the information to be shared to the Editor well before the first of the month. The information will appear in the newsletter if space allows.

We will continue our "Getting to Know You" article and are hoping to feature

each and every active Member, one per month with a short bio, picture, and

photos of their work if they are artists.

We endeavor to get the newsletter out as close to the first of each month as possible.

As soon as the newsletter is finished it will be posted on this site. Any updating of information or changes that fall in between publishing the newsletter will be E-blasted out to Members and/or  phone calls will be made via our Phone Committee will be made.

If you have missed an edition of the newsletter and would like a .pdf e-mailed to you, please contact the Editor with your request.


Please remember to keep your

contact information updated with the League, such as address, phone and E-mail address.

We want to stay in touch so you don't miss a thing!

The monthly newsletter will resume in the Fall, until then, view or download the JULY CALENDAR (above) so you don't miss a thing!


72 pages of line art to color. Each page has been created by an artist member, and illustrated different styles, depicting many subjects. At only $10. each, they make great gifts, and will help make this fundraiser to benefit the League a success.

Purchase at the Gallery, Outdoor Shows or at our tent during special local events.